Innovation in flexible packaging

When it comes to flexible packaging, we've got you covered.  

Oracle is a preferred manufacturer of industry-leading flexible packaging laminates and converter aluminum foil, relied upon world-wide by leading companies within global markets including healthcare, pharmaceutical, food & beverage, household and personal care, specialty and industrial.  Combining specialized foils, films, paperstock, sealants, adhesives and 10-color rotogravure printing capability, Oracle manufactures custom lidstock, pouchstock and retort laminates requiring specific barrier-permeability and sealant-peelability performance. 

Earning a reputation for flexible packaging innovation, Oracle leverages over eight decades of excellence providing demonstrated product quality, un-paralleled research & development, hands-on technical field support and significant speed to market for new products.  From initial concept through final production, Oracle's robust supply chain of product solutions, collaborative customer support, vertically integrated in-house foil production and flexibility in order/pricing options, combine to fuel significant customer loyalty; positioning Oracle for most customers as their single-source provider for customized flexible packaging laminates.

What can we cover for you today?

Top-selling products to date | 2013

Induction Seal Lidstock         NanoPouch TM         High-Performance Laminate - 4-Ply         Converter Aluminum Foil

Induction  Seal           NanoPouch®             High-Performance    Converter
Lidstock                                                       Pouchstock              Foil