Reyshield™ Aluminum Cable Wrap

Oracle aluminum Reyshield™ Cable Wrap acts as a moisture vapor barrier and static screen for copper conductor telephone and fiber optic cables.

The aluminum can be supplied either bare or coated on one or both sides with ethylene acrylic acid (EAA) copolymer film.

For improved bending performance, the film on the aluminum allows for uniform bonding to the jacket. This prevents moisture penetration and protects the aluminum against corrosion.

Reyshield™ A260 1060-O Cable

Reyshield™ A260 1100-O Cable

Reyshield™ A262 1060-O Cable

Reyshield™ A262 1100-O Cable

Reyshield™ A280 1100-O Cable

Reyshield™ A282 1060-O Cable

Reyshield™ A282 1100-O Cable

Reyshield™ AA280 CJB Cable

Reyshield™ AA282 Aluminum Cable

Reyshield™ AA282 CJB Aluminum Cable



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